Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I compete with other homes for sale in London?

Think like a buyer when walking through your home. Clean, Clean, Clean. Make sure your home is looking it’s best for showings. A home buyer wants to see that the house is being looked after. It’s also a good idea to declutter. A potential buyer needs to be able to see themselves living there without too many personal items and furniture distracting them. Remove any unnecessary furniture to make your home appear larger. I suggest renting a storage unit to keep any belongings you won’t be needing. It is a small price to pay in order to get your home sold faster. 


When is the best time to sell a home?

Don’t be fooled when an agent says the best time to sell is now. The best time to sell is when you are ready. The truth is there are advantages and disadvantages with any time of year. 


Should I price my home high so I have room to negotiate?

This is one of the biggest mistakes a home seller can make. There is a lot of risk that comes along with overpricing your home. It’s likely to drive away many potential buyers and will keep your house on the market for too long. 


What is the difference between a client and a customer?

If you are a client you will sign a Buyer’s or Sellers’ Representation Agreement, meaning you are bound to work with only that brokerage. In exchange, your agent and brokerage owes you a fiduciary duty, meaning they are ethically bound to act in your best interest.  As a customer you will have a looser relationship with the brokerage. In this case you may wish for buyer representation to contact you directly with offers, and handle your home’s marketing, staging and photography.


What is the difference between assessed value and market value?

Market value is what your home is worth in today’s market. Assessed value of a home is used for the purpose of taxes in your local municipality. This value is multiplied by the local tax rate to determine what your yearly taxes are. The bottom line is the assessed value has no impact on how much your home is worth.

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