How To Create a Legal Rental Unit

Steps To Licensing A Rental Unit:

When it comes to multi-unit properties with 4 or less units or buildings containing five or more units but are classified as a converted dwelling, the owner of the property must license each individual rental unit for it to be considered a legal dwelling. This process can take several months and will cost $165.00. This license must be renewed annually for a cost of $55.00.

Some things that will be needed in order to complete your application are:

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1. Fire Inspection

A fire inspection is required at the time of each new application. If a fire inspection report dated within the last two years is available, a new inspection will not be needed. A fire inspection is not required upon licence renewal.

2. Sketches of the Floor Plans

Within the floor plan rooms, windows and entrances must be identified

3. Self Certified Check-List

This self checklist ensures that the rental property is a clean and safe environment for tenant occupancy. This will include both interior and exterior attributes of the property

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