A Sellers Guide

Renovations Do’s + Don’ts

When it comes time to sell your London home there are a lot of things to do in order to get ready to list. Putting aside what needs to be done with your seller’s agent, there are many things you as the homeowner can do to make your home look appealing to buyers. Before you start, make sure to read my do’s and don’ts when renovating your home so you don’t get caught up with renovations that won’t yield a return.



Don’t spend time and resources on large bathroom renovations / adding in a new bathroom. Most sellers who do this only receive a 50% return.

Don’t spend time on renovations that are not readily visible to buyers. Home buyers purchase a home because of the way it makes them feel not because there is new plumbing installed.

Don’t replace your carpet: Not many people want carpet in their houses any more so chances are it will be ripped out whether its new or not. If your carpet is in rough shape I suggest paying to get it professionally cleaned rather than replacing it.

Don’t replace unless it’s necessary: When it comes to furnaces, plumbing and roofs buyers want functionality. Although brand new is always nice to see, it is highly unlikely you will receive full value for replacements like these.



Do add a fresh coat of paint to walls, doors, and mouldings. Choose a neutral colour. If a buyer leaves your house and can only remember the paint colour it’s not usually a good memory so avoid the bright reds and purples and stick to neutral.

Do get general repairs fixed: make sure that all the small things a buyer might see are gone. Fix holes in walls, the squeaky doors and ripped screen doors. Small things like this add up in the minds of a home buyer. It gives off the impression you don’t care for your home which can leave a buyer wondering what else you haven’t taken care of.

Do replace bathroom and kitchen fixtures. It’s amazing what a difference new modern knobs on kitchen cabinets or a new shower head in the bathroom can do for the room.

Do replace your front door (IF NEEDED). First impressions matter so make sure your home entrance gives the buyer a good feeling when they walk in.

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